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So.Farma.Morra SpA, an entirely Italian private capital company, is a lead player in the intermediate distribution of pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products, supplying more than 5,000 customers in Italy, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa every day.

Thanks to over 40 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical sector and its various acquisitions over these years, So.Farma currently takes pride in the following figures:

  • 6% share of the Italian domestic market
  • Turnover of € 700 million (2014)
  • Serving more than 5,000 customers every day

Founded by Engineer Alessandro Morra in 1980, the company has maintained a distinctly familial management across the course of its history. This has encouraged steady and continuous growth over time, and ensured maximum transparency and reliability to all of its stakeholders.

So.Farma has its HQ in Campania – the most important logistics centre in the south of Italy – from where it manages to coordinate, on a daily basis, its entire distribution network, providing a fast and efficient service nationally and internationally.

The distribution strength of So.Farma is guaranteed by:

  • 15 distribution centres spread across the Italian national territory
  • 15 state-of-the-art logistics and technology warehouses, which can satisfy any requirements for the correct product storage
  • Prestigious European partners in the field of pharmaceutical distribution;
  • A distribution system that can adapt to any customer requirements

However, the success of So.Farma is above all, the result of a series of daily activities performed by their qualified team, which comprises:

  • 416 employees, carefully selected by corporate management;
  • A business network composed of 38 professionals who work across all national and international territories;
  • 250 consultants who continuously support the activities of the company


So.Farma can supply a vast range of pharmaceuticals, para-pharmaceuticals and medical devices, exclusively of European origin, and can meet the most diversified market requirements:

  • SOP and OTC
  • Ethical drugs
  • Generics
  • Narcotic-based drugs

All of our products are duly registered in compliance with Italian and European legislation, and are available in various doses and packaging: tablets, ampoules, vials, capsules, powders for suspension and injection, etc.


Despite handling a range of over 90,000 reference products, So.Farma can guarantee the highest quality. Indeed, their quality control departments ensure all activities fully comply with GDP (Good Distribution Practices) on a daily basis. This is certified by recognized authorizing organizations like ACRREDIA Italia, who have issued ISO 9001:2008 certifications with full approval to So.Farma for over a decade.

In addition to complying with all of the national and international standards related to the wholesale marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products, So.Farma has adopted its own internal policies to increase checks along the entire supply chain, which include:

  • Stringent selection of suppliers to ensure the pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products purchased are all manufactured in compliance with the GMP standard (Good Manufacturer Practices);
  • Transportation that complies with all standards relating to good storage of pharmaceutical products, and conforms to national and international logistical standards (INCOTERMS).

For So.Farma, processing an order is not the end of the customer relationship. Indeed, the company provides a national and international post-sales service to support customers in case there are any problems linked to the quality of the products they sell (specifically damage, expiry dates and relative order of batches).

So.Farma and Social Responsibility

Besides supplying products and services for public and private healthcare, So.Farma also acts as an important bastion for social well-being. Indeed, the company is involved in several projects with a local and national purpose, aimed at developing the well-being of the community:


Having always been engaged with society, since 2007, So.Farma.Morra has collaborated with the League of the Golden Thread Charity [Lega del Filo d’Oro Onlus], a not-for-profit organization who work to help the deaf-blind and people with multiple-sensory deficits.

In 2007, our company contributed towards creating the Centro Socio-Sanitario di Molfetta-Bari [Molfetto- Bari Social-Health Centre], by donating the capital needed to build a rehabilitation room.

In 2008, however, donations from the So.Farma.Morra group were used to build a park at the same centre, equipped with special street furniture for the leisure and relaxation activities of their guests.

In subsequent years, the group’s donations were initially used to install a music therapy classroom at the Molfetta centre, and subsequently, to purchase special assistive technologies for different types and grades of sensory impairments.

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Since 2013, So.Farma.Morra has expanded its engagement with society, and has also supported the Don Luigi Merola charity,” ‘A Voice for Humanity”, run by the anti-Mafia priest, which is involved in the rehabilitation of juveniles and operates from the former villa of Mafia boss, Brancaccio.

This year, thanks to the support of all our customers, we have contributed towards the purchase of teaching materials and sports equipment, which will be given to the young students, and towards the construction of a new music laboratory.

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So.Farma.Morra means a high number of logistic centres, a highly specialized staff of people working to anticipate and satisfy every needs of our customers, and, above all, a fully Italian entity in a heavily global market.